Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

My current favourite is the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but they also happen to be the most expensive phones in the round-up.  I’ve been carrying the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for a month now and that has given me enough time to really get to grips with the South Korean smartphone.


Arguably the number one smartphone currently on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is close to mobile perfection. The curved screen is far from the revolutionary feature it’s marketed as but, if you can afford it, this is the phone to buy right now.


Performance is its greatest strength. The S6 Edge, running an octa-core Exynos 7420 chip and 3GB of RAM, is the fastest phone we’ve ever tested, bar none. It even leaves Snapdragon 810-powered handsets in the dust, and comes without any overheating issues too. If you use your smartphone for lengthy gaming sessions, there’s nothing better. Battery life could be improved, but it’s still easily good enough to last a day.


Fortunately, Samsung’s infamous design issues finally seem to have been consigned to the past. The S6 Edge, with its aluminium alloy frame and glass rear, is the most attractive of the South Korean firm’s phones, and is up there with the iPhone 6 and HTC One M9 in terms of looks. A fingerprint scanner is now built into the home button, and lets you unlock the phone and make purchases through Samsung Pay.


The 5.1-inch, 2,560 x 1,440 AMOLED display is a triumph too. It’s intensely sharp, offering great colour accuracy and deep blacks. It’s terrific for watching movies on. My only complaint is that the edges, which can be used for notifications and quick contact access, are prone to picking up glare. The 16-megapixel main camera is the best smartphone camera on the market, coming with OIS and the option to play with the finer points of photography far more than you usually would.


The use of wireless charging means that the perceived issue with the small battery has not been a problem for me in regular use because the S6 Edge lives on the charger. Have I noticed the lower capacity? Not in practice the S6 Edge has remained ‘full’ whenever I need it.


Travelling is a different issue, and at that point the smaller battery becomes evident. Within a few hours the issue started to prey on my mind and all the worries of battery management and always be charging returned. The Edge still made it through a full day without running out of charge, but with a lot of online work, photography, and image upload it was a close run thing on one occasion (hence the portable charger came out). As long as you can charge the S6 Edge overnight it does get through a working day if you give it a bait of care and attention which means no 3D gaming or buckets of video streaming.


I’d almost certainly go for the EDGE. I prefer the way it looks and when you’re talking about phones, when features and specs are the same, this is all that matters. EDGE all the way, for me!

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